Direct Hire
  Due to the “ever changing” complexity of the market place today, we are making every effort to tailor fee arrangements with our clients that will fit their needs. Typically, the service fee percentages range from 20% - 30% of the first years annualized salary, plus any guaranteed bonuses depending on the level, difficulty and complexity of the search.

Contract to Hire
  The Professional Alternatives preview services program uniquely blends the advantages of hiring a contract, or temporary employee, with the benefits of hiring an employee directly to your staff. There is virtually nothing to lose and a top-quality, long-term employee to gain. Should you elect to convert a contract/temporary individual to an employment status with your organization, a conversion service fee may apply, depending on the length of the contract service. We will design a no conversion fee plan for our clients based on the professional skill expertise of the employee and 520-800 hours of contract service.

  We will make every effort to structure a rate plan conducive to your department/company's budget. The core competancies of Professional Alternative's contract employees are as follows:

Accounting Options

HR Alternatives

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